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PixiePlots - Zodiac Colours

Zodiac Colours

The significance of colours

The colour of Aries is red. It is stimulating, provides energy and shows ambition and initiative. Mars is the ruler of Aries and is associated with an excessive energy. 

Blue, Taurus’ colour provides an image of relaxation and comfort. Wearing blue too often could actually reduce the metabolic rate and eventually incline to heaviness from inactivity. Venus rules Taurus. 

Gemini’s colour is cheerful yellow, and shows an active mentality. Wear yellow to stimulate your mind and cheer yourself up. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. 

Silver is Cancer’s colour. It indicates reflection or illumination, much in the way that Cancers' absorb and reflect the subtle vibrations from those around them. The inconstant Moon rules Cancer.  
 Leo’s colour is gold and orange. The combination of ambition and intellect equals authority. This is one of honour and high esteem. Wear orange to make a statement. The central Sun is the ruler of Leo. 

Virgo has long been associated with nutrition and health and green is its colour. It is also associated with the healing elements found in nature. The colour shows resourcefulness, practical use of, and appreciation for nature's gifts. 

Libra’s colours are pastels and the sign is associated with Venus. The pastel colours are great for stress and help restore harmony. Wear these to sooth those around you. 

Burgundy, Scorpio's colour, combines red and black. This translates to intense desires, passionate seduction or subtle aggression and corresponds to Pluto. 

Sagittarius colour is royal purple, indicating spirituality and distant dreams. Optimism can be created with the colour purple and the natural ruler of the sign is Jupiter.  
Capricorn, the business sign of the zodiac, is represented by black or dark grey. Black lends an image of structure and seriousness and is ruled by Saturn, the planet of ambition and practicality in your chart.  
Aquarius’ colour is azure or electric blue and plaids. These show diversity, the need for freedom and non-commitment. There is concern for others and a humanitarian nature and the sign is ruled by Uranus.  
Pisces colour is subtle sea green. Serenity, peacefulness, and tranquility are the image perceived. Pisces special source of power lies within and Neptune is the natural ruler of the sign. 

Love and Colours

Pink     The colour of love in all its forms. Often used to show healing through love. 
Red      Passion, anger 
Black   The unconscious mind 
Grey    Fear, confusion. 
White  Truth, "coming clean", purity; can also be symbolic of new beginnings. 
Green   Healing, growth, newness. 
Blue      Spirituality; could be a metaphor for "being blue" (look context of the  dream). 
Yellow   Peacefulness, hope (as in "sunny disposition"). 


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