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PixiePlots - Healing Uses For Gemstones

Healing Uses For Gemstones

AGATES  -- Contribute to physical balance
                    -- Banded Attracts strength
                    -- Blue Lace Balances body fluids
                    -- Carnelian Increases energy levels
                    -- Dendrite Elevates blood sugar level
                    -- Eye Protects from bodily harm
                    -- India Gives physical strength
                    -- Lace Relaxes muscular tensions and spasms
                    -- Moss-green Detoxifies the blood
                    -- Moss-red Purifies the blood
                    -- Plume Strengthens the veins
                    -- Tree Reduces fevers and toxins

ALEXANDRITE -- Stimulates sexual powers

AMAZONITE -- Regulates thinking faculties

AMBER -- Reduces fluid retention and helps to detoxify the urinary system

AMETHYST -- Relieves headaches

AQUAMARINE -- Aids eyesight and reduces fluid retention

BLOODSTONE -- Stimulates the flow of energy for all healing; combats physical trauma; stimulates blood circulation and stops haemorrhaging

CAT'S EYE AND TIGER'S EYE -- Reduces headaches and nervous spasms


Azurite -- Gives symptomatic relief of arthritis and joint disabilities; reduces hip joint pain
Chrysocolla -- Tranquillises nervous tension
Malachite -- Prevents infection; aids fertility
Turquoise -- Relaxes the body
Coral -- Relieves throat and voice ailments; balances physical endurance

CRYSTALS: All-around healers

Rose Quartz -- Promotes skin rejuvenation
Citrine -- Aids assimilation of foods
Emerald -- Aids neurological diseases


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