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PixiePlots - Moon Magic

Moon Magic

There are four main stages that occur during the moon cycle. Each phase plays a separate part in the abilities magical attributes. Just as the lunar cycles pull at the oceans and seas of Earth - so do they pull on the containers which house our beings - our bodies.
Moon Stage



Waxing Moon Fertility Magic, Health Magic, Planting Herbs, Beginnings The waxing moon goes from black (new) to full. As the moon grows, she will excerpt a magnetic pull on all things - strengthening energies.
Waning Moon Undoing Magic, Banishing, Receeding, Separations and eliminations, Best time to cut herbs and flowers The waning moon is from full to black (new). This is the time for ending relations with unwanted partners or situations. This is a time for the inward journey of self, preparing for rebirth.
  Full Moon High tide of psychic powers. Helpful in all types of magic This is a powerful time where energy is in an abundance. Magical rites are amplified as energy is in it's zenith. Full moon magic works best in a seven day cycle - three prior, the night of, and three after.
Black (New) Moon   No magic should be performed This is a witches Sunday of rest if you will. We respect the moon cycle and the power she instills by resting on the Black Moon.
Waxing: - Maiden
From the New to the Full Moon. For growth or enhancement, beginnings, fresh starts, new love. Building Business, friendships, partnerships and financial prosperity.
Full: - Mother
The Moons energy is most intense, any difficulty will benefit now. Use to amplify magical intent and to give your spells extra power. Fertility spells, psychic ability and prophetic dreams.
Waning Moon: - Crone
From the Full to the New (Dark) Moon. Energy for recession, peaceful separation or elimination, to end undesirable patterns and habits. Remove curses and hexes and bad relationships. To reverse love spells. Protection work.
The Blue Moon -- Variable
A Blue Moon occurs when the moon with its 28 day cycle appears twice within the same calendar month, due to that month's 31 day duration. Many consider the Blue Moon to be a goal moon where you set specific goals for yourself.
The Black Moon -- Variable
A Black Moon occurs when there are two dark cycles of the moon in any given calendar month. It is believed that the second dark moon of a time of great power within the spiritual world and any magic worked during this time is especially powerful.


Days of the week

Let Sunday’s sunshine smile on you,
And gain success in all you do
On Monday work on hearth and home
And garden plants that tend to roam
Tuesday is a day of war
Complete today and you’ll go far
If inspiration’s what you need
Have Mercury’s Wednesday plant the seed
For money, luck and business deals
Let Thursday’s planet grease the wheels
For Venusian's blessings from up above
Use Fridays grace for spells of love
Count lessons learned on Saturday
And karma wont come home to stay
Always work in harmony
Remember too, the Law of Three
Set magic free and let it flow
And watch success rates flex and grow.


Days of the Week
Day: Monday
Planet: Moon
For spells relating to: Peace, sleep, healing, compassion, friends, psychic awareness, purification and fertility.
Colours: Silver and White
Crystals: Moonstone, Pearl, Aquamarine, Silver, Selenite
Aroma: Jasmine, Lemon, Sandalwood, Moon Oil
Day: Tuesday
Planet: Mars
For spells relating to: Passion, sex, courage, aggression and protection.
Colours: Red and Autumn Shades
Crystals: Bloodstone, Ruby, Garnet, Flint, Rhodonite, Iron and Steel
Aroma: Basil, Ginger, Black Pepper, Mars Oil
Day: Wednesday
Planet: Mercury
For spells relating to: The conscious mind, study, travel, divination and wisdom.
Colours: Yellow, Grey, Mixed Hues
Crystals: Citrine, Agates, Aventurine, Mica, Pumice, Quicksilver, Zinc
Aroma: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Mercury Oil
Day: Thursday
Planet: Jupiter
For spells relating to: Expansion, money, prosperity and jealousy.
Colours: Purple, Deep Blue
Crystals: Amethyst, Lepidolite, Sugilite, Tin
Aroma: Melissa, Clove, Oakmoss, Jupiter Oil
Day: Friday
Planet: Venus
For spells relating to: Love, friendship, reconciliation and beauty.
Colours: Light Blue, Green, Pink, Copper Hues
Crystals: Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Coral, Emerald, Malachite, Copper
Aroma: Rose, Yarrow, Cardamon, Venus Oil
Day: Saturday
Planet: Saturn
For spells relating to: Longevity, exorcism, endings, homes and houses.
Colours: Maroon, Dark Shades, Black
Crystals: Obsidian, Jet, Coral, Hematite, Salt, Lead, Serpentine, Pewter
Aroma: Cypress, Myrrh, Patchouli, Saturn Oil.
Day: Sunday
Planet: Sun
For spells relating to: Healing, spirituality, success, strength and protection
Colours: Gold, Orange
Crystals: Diamond, Amber, Tigers Eye, Carnelian, Sunstone, Topaz, Gold
Aroma: Cedar, Frankincense, Sun Oil

The Winds

East Spell workings involving change, transformation, new beginnings and fresh perspective. To lend power to inspirational, communicative and creative ventures.
South Most commonly used for relationship spells involving love, lust and passion. Perfect conditions for efforts involving vitality, initiative, courage of conviction and determination.
West Have a healing cleansing quality. Offer conditions conducive to strengthening intuition.
North Suitable conditions for performing efforts of a practical nature. Good conditions for financial or home management matters or issues where keeping a level head is important.
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